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Tarmac Repairs Hants

We provide a complete restoration service for tarmac surfaces on both residential and commercial properties throughout Hampshire and East Sussex.

Over the years tarmac has been used in abundance to lay driveways on residential properties across Hampshire and West Sussex. Tarmac has also been used widely on commercial properties in Portsmouth and Southampton.

As these vast areas of tarmac that have been laid start to deteriorate over time, we receive many calls from homeowners and commercial customers who need tarmac repairs and the tarmac re-coated. There are not many options available apart from 'dig it up' and start again.

We can help our customers avoid the expensive option of replacing their tarmac drives with our tarmac repair and refurbishment process. We will pressure wash the tarmac first to clean off moss and algae. We may also have to pre-treat the surface with oil remover if oil stains are present. Once dry, we will coat the tarmac with Tarmaseal a unique tarmac coating product from Smartseal.

The tarmac restoration process may involve some remedial repairs to even out areas that have cracks or have visible 'depressions'. The tarmac restorer is usually applied in two coats and helps to re-colour the tarmac back to how it looked when first laid. It comes in black, red or green.

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If you live in Hampshire near Gosport, Romsey, Southampton, Portsmouth, Eastleigh or Chandlers Ford and need your tarmac drive coated, please call 0800 988 0348 for a FREE tarmac repair quotation. Alternatively, you may also enquire online by clicking here.